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The Inspiration Behind

Joe & Marie Bolland’s Helping Hands

Joe & Marie Bolland’s Helping Hands is an Arizona based nonprofit that aids in the costs of prosthetics for people living in Arizona. Please read the story on how this organization came to be below.

Our Nonprofit Journey

When Joe & Marie Bolland’s middle child Michael was born their life changed. From that day forward they had to learn everything they could about prosthetics. They had to learn about fitting.  They had to learn about the different types. But just as important, they had to learn about the costs involved and figure out how they could afford to provide a device for their son –  and continue the process as he grew.

One thing they did not have to learn was acceptance. They never looked at their son as a handicapped person.  They didn’t cut him breaks or make things easy for him because he was born without a right hand. They raised him exactly as they did his older sister Anita and his younger brother Mark. Work hard, play hard and make no excuses.

Their philosophy was successful as all three child grew up to be very productive adults.  In the case of Michael, he’s had a very interesting and diverse life:

    • Played the part of Danny in “The Trial of Billy Jack”
    • Became the first person born without a hand to compete on the Pro Bowlers and become a member of the PBA.
    • Founder/inventor of the Two Fisted Drinker
    • Comedian who performs all over the state of Arizona and throughout the Southwest.

Without the guidance of Joe and Marie, Michael knows things could have been very different. Like his sister and brother, he was blessed to have them as parents.

Although Joe and Marie are no longer with us, their guiding principals live on in this nonprofit named in their honor.  Just as they provided prosthetics for their son, this organization named in their honor can do the same for others. If you are in need of assistance, please see our How to Apply page. If you would like to support this great cause, please consider Making a Donation.

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Mike Bolland

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Sabrina Bolland


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